About Us

Jiangsu Qingfei Talent Technology Co., ltd, is a registered Chinese-based broker, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. We act as a broker to bring the scientific community and industries together to help establish new research labs in the vacant fields of innovative technologies. Our company is a strategic partner of more than 1,000 Chinese-based enterprises, with branches spread across the globe. We help enterprises to hire high-profound scientists from across the globe for using their talent in developing new technologies.

With our company’s efforts, we have set up more than 100 innovation and research platforms in key fields like life, health, digital creativity, information technology, and ecological environment, etc. So far, we have helped establish 20 national and provincial key innovation platforms, 15 national and provincial entrepreneurship incubation platforms, 23 overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship bases, and nearly 40 R&D centers jointly established with enterprises. 

We support researchers to apply for national, provincial, and local scientific research projects and provide relevant cooperation resources and policy support. The “deep root program” led by our institute aims at the direction of establishing new research labs in key industries and the demand for scientific and technological innovation in each district of China. We also aim at providing the best ecological system of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation for the development of scientific research teams based on the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms.

There are many examples of our company’s support in the development of China’s long-term policies. It is because we respect scientists as these are the people who can contribute tremendously to stand China in the new era of development.

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