Industry-Academia Collaborative


Universities serve the industry in two ways. It provides the workforce necessary to run the industry, and two, it furnishes innovative ideas to start new business ventures. This apparent simplistic relationship does not work so simplistically because of the inherent differences between the two. Universities desire to contribute to the theory. On the other hand, the industry is restrained by profitability. Therefore, academia and the industry are analogous to two sides of a river that must flow independently.

According to a recent organization for economic co-operation and development report, the industry conducts around two-thirds of R&D in science and technology studies. The remaining 20% of R&D work is carried out by universities, while 10% is carried out by the government. As far as science and engineering disciplines are concerned, creating linkages between the two sides of the river has the potential to contribute to the betterment of both—the industry and universities. Qingfei tech talent is fostering the same by creating a legal binding between the industry and academia and by taking all possible steps in order to alleviate the differences among the parties.

Qingfei tech talent collaboration program endeavors to establish a robust connection between Chinese industries and leading universities by providing funds that range from 100 Million RMB to 200 Million RMB. The contract must incorporate a detailed and exhaustive specification of the ownership, regulation, and exploitation of all intellectual property rights that may result from the collaboration. The primary goal of the collaborative initiative is to nurture a favorable environment for projects that prioritize human well-being and environmental friendliness, thereby promoting a message of peace from the peace-loving nation of China.

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